Caribbean Beach Bars: Coco Bar, Point de Bout, Martinique

This landmark bar is perfectly positioned for sunset views


It’s the next best thing to going to sea. Perched on pilings in a quiet cove on the western edge of Martinique’s Pointe de Bout resort area, the iconic Coco Bar invites beach goers to abandon their chaise lounges in favor of a shaded over- water barstool. In addition to serving up a range of libations—many based on various combinations of local fruit juices and rums—the bar offers a tasty array of light fare with a French flair.

Midday, the atmosphere remains low key, but as evening approaches, this thatched-roof dock becomes one of the best places on the island to toast the sunset. And after that first indulgence, it’s easy to linger on into the twilight, savoring the refreshing ocean breezes and panoramic views as the lights of Fort-de-France twinkle in the distance.

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