Hawaii Articles

Koko Head Crater Oahu
Rising more than 1,200 feet above the shores of the popular marine park at Hanauma Bay, Koko Crater is the most prominent landmark on the southern ...
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Hawaii Big Island Waiopae
Any visit to the Big Island should include at least a day spent discovering the island's fiery origins, and nature's amazing transformation of ash ...
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Eat & Drink
Oahu Chinatown
Forget hotel floorshows and tourist-centric luaus. For an authentic take on Hawaii, do what the locals do and take to the streets. Street parties are ...
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Hawaii Oahu Sheraton Holidays
So staying home for the holidays isn't your thing... but you do enjoy celebrating the Christmas spirit. You can have it both ways at several of Hawaii's ...
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Oahu Waikiki Fireworks
Christmas is a big deal in Hawaii. Sure, there are some differences in the Aloha State. You may see Santa and the elves dressed in hula shirts and board ...
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Maui Mermaid Adventures
Forget whales and dolphins. The most unusual marine mammals you may discover in the waters around Maui are mermaids. Yep, as in women with tails. Make ...
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