Curacao Dive Shop Offers Unique Lionfish Eradication Dive


Divers can help rid Caribbean waters of the invasive lionfish in a unique program that not only removes these fish from Curacao’s reefs, but also leads to a tasty dinner.

WHAT: CURious 2 Dive Lionfish Dive and Dinner

WHERE: Caracasbaai, Curacao

WHEN: Ongoing

DETAILS: Each Thursday, the CURious 2 Dive shop hosts a dive trip to Curacao’s East Point, a pristine reef on the island’s eastern tip that’s home to a school of tarpon, sharks, eagle rays, barracuda, and turtles. During the dive guides will search for invasive lionfish. After divers resurface, the guides will demonstrate how to clean any lionfish that were caught, which can later be sampled at The Pier, a restaurant in the Jan Thiel area.


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