Caribbean Snapshots: Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada

Unspoiled beaches await in a quiet corner of the British Virgins


Finding a quiet beach on many Caribbean islands can be challenging. That’s why one of our favorite islands for a tranquil escape and plenty of unoccupied sand is Anegada. Separated from the rest of the British Virgins by ten miles of open ocean, this low- lying coral island has no major resorts, and lacks the green volcanic hills and harbors that are hallmarks of the rest of the chain.

Instead, visitors find miles of wild beaches set behind an expansive barrier reef. With a resident population of just 300, and only one village known as the Settlement, Anegada never sees crowds. Most head for the Big Bamboo beach club at Loblolly Bay, or travel to the island’s western end where the Cow Wreck Beach Bar & Grill overlooks one of the most spectacular white sand beaches in the Caribbean.