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We know the tropics. We’ve sailed and swam the blue waters, walked the white sand beaches and lingered over rum drinks in thatched-roofed bars. Who are we? A team of professional travel writers, editors and photojournalists dedicated to sharing our knowledge and firsthand experiences in tropical destinations to help you create your own perfect escape. Our goal at TropixTraveler.com is to assist you on your quest to discover the destination in the sun that’s right for you, along with the exciting activities, savory cuisines and most importantly the perfect hotel to make your trip everything you want it to be. We’ve created TropixTraveler.com to be your one-stop resource for research, travel tips and reservations. Think of it as your own personal guide from initial inspiration to final destination.

Florida Expert-Patricia Letakis

Patricia has covered every inch of Florida as a travel writer and editor for Florida-centric publications and websites—always with an eye for the best in dining, culture and luxury accommodations. Her tenacious spirit and curiosity are what drive her to dig beyond the obvious and find that one special place, person or moment that brings a travel story to life and makes you say, “I want to be there.”

Caribbean Expert-Debbie Snow

Debbie has spent more than 25 years traveling and living in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. She has landed on every Caribbean country, visiting some as many as 20 times. Besides covering the more popular islands, Debbie has ventured to the small, out-of-the-way corners of the tropics as well. She likes to spend time in each location getting to know the people and discovering the lesser-known details of each destination. 

Adventure/Sports Expert-Pierce Hoover

Pierce does it all. An avid diver, sailor, fisherman and environmentalist, he’s traveled the globe in pursuit of unique experiences and exciting water sports, with a special emphasis on documenting active adventures in the Caribbean and Hawaii. His most recent focus is the tropical Americas, which he feels is ripe to become the next great destination for cultural, ecological and active adventure travel.

Luxury Lifestyle Expert-Susan Friedman

Susan has been a globetrotting food journalist reporting on great flavors and hot, hip restaurants from the Sunshine State to far- flung places. A self-proclaimed foodie and chef groupie, she’s always searching for the next great bite. Susan’s leanings for all things luxe are her calling; she discovers uber over-the-top spa treatments, noteworthy hotels, glam interiors and so much more.

Outdoors Expert-Paul Love

You name it and Paul is up for it. He’s worked as an editor, writer and photo editor in the publishing world for more than 10 years, focusing mostly on travel, with a keen eye for finding the unusual and unexpected in the global places he visits. His love of imagery drives him to show the destinations he explores with words and photography that give a five-sense account. A combination of daring and foolhardiness has led him on adventures with exotic foods, scuba diving, skydiving, jet packing, weightlessness and more, resulting in only minor injuries.