Walk This Way: Mount Scenery, Saba

On the green slops of this ancient volcano, you really can take a walk in the clouds


The highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands isn’t in Europe; it’s in the Caribbean. The high point of the island of Saba, known as Mount Scenery, rises from the ocean depths to a height of just under 3,000 feet. The slopes of this former volcano are covered in a lush array of foliage that changes with altitude. Hikers starting on lower slopes may wend their way over grassy meadows and redwood. Near the summit, the unique ecosystem known as the Elfin Forest is a mist-shrouded realm where giant tree ferns, mountain palms and elephant ears share space with groves of mountain mahogany. This elevated cloud forest is also home to numerous varieties of orchids and a range of rare tropical plants.

Saba’s 2,000 residents live in small villages connected by a single road, with other parts of the island linked by trials and footpaths. With barely a beach and no big resorts, hiking is a favorite pastime for the limited number of tourists who find their way to this quiet, charming island.