Hawaii Snapshots: Lydgate Beach, Kauai

This family-friendly beach offers calm snorkeling and friendly fish


Kauai has a number of great snorkeling sites, but not all are suited for beginners and youngsters. For a mellow take on an underwater adventure, head to the east coast, and Lydgate Beach State Park. Here, a protective rock jetty shelters the beach from wind and waves, creating a calm lagoon that is home to a colorful collection of tropical fish.

Swimmers are immediately greeted by finned residents of the pool, who come in search of a free meal. Fish feeding, though still a common practice is not considered PC by many biologists and nature lovers. You’ll have to make your own decisions on the ethics of sharing some aquatic goodies, but there’s no doubt you’ll want to pack a picnic to enjoy topside. The park is worth an extended visit, and provides full range of amenities including tables, restrooms and a coastal nature trail.