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Surrounded by water, but also joined by land, Florida blends the familiar with the sun-soaked to provide a wealth of vacation options. There’s something for everyone, from the tank top and flip-flop ethos of the Keys, to the glitterati of South Beach, and the old money poise of Palm Beach. Family and budget friendly resorts abound along both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, but so too do upscale enclaves where five-star service and amenities are standard fare.

Forget passports, currency exchanges and foreign languages – unless you want to practice your high school Spanish on South Florida’s bilingual residents. For some, the ubiquity of recognized indulgences and familiar brands provides reassuring comforts. Others, seeking the unexpected, can delve into cuisines and cultural scenes that are as vibrant and varied as the diverse influences that have shaped the Sunshine State. From art galleries to gator watching, mega yachts to beach bikes, and penthouse suites to tiki bars, Florida is America’s favorite tropical getaway.

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