Central America

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The lands connecting the American continents are uniquely positioned to deliver both adventure travel and vacation relaxation. Here, mountain and beach exist in close proximity: savor the tropical pleasures of the shore or take to the cooler highlands. Either way, nature will reign supreme, whether one contemplates a view of the reef from an over-water bungalow, or listens to the nearby sounds of a jungle stream from the patio of a thatch-roofed palapa.

Yes, there are select destinations in Central America where one can enjoy the high-rise high life, but farther afield, accommodations tend towards the eco lodge—or the eco luxe. Rumors of aboriginal civilizations remain in the stone pyramids and abandoned temples of once grand city-states. Colonial-era cathedrals and municipal buildings tell another chapter in the region’s history, as do the varied dialects spoken in markets and villages. For those wiling to venture a bit beyond the usual, this is a region rich in rewards.

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