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This is the realm of St. Somewhere, a place where flights of fancy propel one from cold lands to toes-in-the-sand. Tropical sun lends an extra vibrancy to both land and sea: greener palms, whiter sands, and beyond it all, the dazzling blues. You can feel it in the trade winds, and hear it in the music, from the languid joys of calypso and no-problem rhythms of reggae to the urgent energy of soca and meringue.

The ambitious and active can tap into a vast aquatic playground equally suited for sail, paddle, snorkel or rod and reel. Everyone else will appreciate the ubiquity of beach chairs and cool libations. In a strict geographic sense, the Caribbean ends at the north shore of islands such as Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, but most are willing to fudge a bit to include like-minded destinations such as the Bahamas and Bermuda.

Aruba Beach Divi Tree
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Bermuda Hamilton
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Maldives Snorkel Resorts
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Eat & Drink
Mango Cocktails St. Lucia
They may be sugary sweet, sticky, and messy but mangoes make the best tropical cocktail. And, mangoes are plentiful in the Caribbean, there are over 100 ...
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St John Cinnamon Bay
7 Incredible Seascapes You’ll  Want to Add to Your Bucket List.
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Stuart Cove Snorkeling Bahamas
Forget those old cliches about "shark-infested waters." The reality is that these often-misunderstood creatures pose very little danger to humans, and are ...
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