Best Views in the Caribbean

The dramatic peaks of the Piton Mountains serve as a backdrop for these amazing St. Lucia hotels.


The whole of St. Lucia is gloriously good-looking, but the island’s more rural south end boasts one thing that’s simply transcendental. Well, two things: The island’s trademark Piton Mountains—two volcanic peaks otherwise known as the Helen of the Caribbean. Like a breathtaking backdrop draped across the region, the jagged Pitons lend all the properties in the island’s south an extra dose of ooh-la-la.

Jade Mountain Resort

St lucia hotels, jade mountain

In harmony with the environment, Jade Mountain’s rooms have three walls; the fourth opens to nature. Photo: Jade Mountain

There are no rooms here—there are sanctuaries. And they come not in king or twin categories but “galaxy,” “sun,” “moon” or “star.” This crème-de-la-crème resort, persistent award winner and capital of romance is feted for its supernaturally beautiful, innovative architecture: one-of-a-kind, fiber-optic infinity pools; iridescent-tile domes that reach toward the heavens; verandas—including the magnificent “celestial terrace”— that seem to magically hang by a thread over acres of verdant rainforest. Bathrooms are individually designed masterpieces, complete with “chromotherapy” whirlpool tubs, which use underwater lighting to harness energy and impact mood. Complimentary yoga classes at the otherworldly spa complete the blissed-out experience: Behold an opulent fairy-tale land. 

Ladera Resort

Ladera, St. Lucia

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ladera delivers stunning views of the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. Photo: Ladera

You’ll love the suites in this storied property less for what’s there than for what isn’t: a fourth wall. That architectural detail provides for a gloriously unobstructed panorama, which allows you to pretend your linen-draped, four-poster bed and private plunge pool are nestled in the heart of those celebrated twin peaks. The resort—the only one located right in the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Pitons—divinely marries the luxurious and the rustic: tropical hardwood beds and floors, local artwork, handcrafted wicker. The all-things-Lucian approach continues at the Dasheene Restaurant, beloved for its use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort

Viceroy, Sugar Beach, St. Lucia

The Sugar Beach resort nestles into a small valley opening to Pitons Bay and a 200-yard stretch of sand. Photo: Viceroy

It’s called Sugar Beach for a reason. Using imported sand, Viceroy created southwest St. Lucia’s only white-sand beach—though one foot on that silky stuff and you won’t believe nature can’t take credit. This sumptuous property is feted for its beach and its size. Opulent accommodations are all-white cottages scattered down a lush seaside mountain; some feature private walled gardens, outdoor plunge pools and personalized butler service. The Rainforest Spa’s tree house-style treatment rooms more than live up to the name, and there’s even a temascal: Amerindian steam room. The chic Palm Court Lounge exudes alfresco elegance, and the uber-funky Cane Bar, with its Alice in Wonderland-style decor, is an ideal place to indulge in a midday rum punch. 

Boucan, Hotel Chocolat

Boucan, St. Lucia

The 50-foot-long black quartz infinity pool of Club Boucan offers both open and shaded areas for relaxation. Photo: Boucan

Yes, you’ve died and gone to chocolate heaven. This stunning boutique hotel, from the founders of Hotel Chocolat, is set on the grounds of St. Lucia’s 140-acre Rabot Estate, the island’s oldest cocoa plantation that is devoted to all things cacao, grown and processed on site. In other words: decadence. The Boucan Restaurant’s gourmet menu features the bean in all its offerings, from cocoa-infused butter to rich desserts you won’t regret putting on pounds for. The lush setting, right next door to the island’s feted Sulfur Springs, is equally stunning (think emerald rainforests and a dead-on view of the Pitons), as are the heavenly rooms. The Cocoa Pods, as the hotel calls them, are simple-yet-elegant cottages featuring a minimalist decor, open-air showers and absurdly comfy four-poster beds.