Hawaiian Waterfalls: Three Bear Falls, Maui

Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Maui’s most scenic waterfall


Maui’s Hana Highway is famous for its coastal views, bridges and waterfalls. One of the most scenic of these falls lies just beyond Mile Marker 19. It’s hard to miss, as the trio of cascades known as Three Bear Falls are clearly visible from the bridge over the Wailua Nui Stream.

Most drivers slow or pause on the bridge to snap a photo of the falls, which flow into a sparkling pool, and are perfectly framed by luxuriant greenery. Those with a sense of adventure and a bit more time on their hands can continue on for a couple hundreds yards to a small parking area, then walk back to the bridge to enter a thicket of red torch ginger and negotiate a rocky path down to the water. In the wet season, the pool is deep enough for a dip, and the water is crystal clear.