Mexican Resorts Celebrate Earth Day

Join in to pay homage to the planet


With Earth Day just around the corner, some of the earth- friendly resorts along the coastlines of Mexico are commemorating the day with celebrations and beach cleanups. There’s still time to book a trip to participate in one of these activities and honor Mother Earth in Mexico.

W Punta de Mita

You’ll find the W Punta de Mita perched above one of the best beaches in the Riviera Nayarit area of Mexico. It’s certainly not your typical monochromatic decorated resort, here you’ll find vibrant colors and bold architecture, and locally inspired furniture with a nod to the indigenous Huichol. Traditional patterns combined with local bohemian surf culture prevalent in the Pacific Coast of Mexico come through in artwork and furnishings. Each guest room is unique and accented with vintage photos and murals of historical figures. 

W Punta Mita Pool

The 450-foot-long blue and green mosaic walkway is meant to mimic the Pacific Ocean, it runs from the hotel out onto the pool area. Photo: W Punta de Mita

To celebrate the connection between Mother Earth and Mayan ancestral roots a Cacao Ceremony will be held on April 21, 2023. Nature lovers and wellness seekers are welcome to gather at the resort’s pristine sand beach where an altar of flowers lit by a sacred fire will cleanse and make space for new energies. Cacao experts Alba López and Montserrat Limón will take participants through the rituals as guests drink ceremonial cacao and absorb sound and healing frequencies. Geared to align one’s emotional, mental, and spiritual levels with the Earth’s magnetic vibrations, the ceremony also activates blood circulation and boosts overall energy and well-being. Learn more at:

Cacao Ceremony Punta Mita W

The cacao ceremony on the beach in front of the W Punta de Mita promotes self-reflection and spiritual awakening. Photo: W Punta de Mita

Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa

This coming Earth Day visitors can recognize some of Mother Nature’s best work in Cabo San Lucas. One of the world’s most popular vacation spots where stunning desert landscapes contrast the deep blue seascapes is blessed with 320 days of sunshine a year. The area deserves to be cared for so future generations can enjoy the natural beauty. Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa is doing its part to make that happen.

Beach Club Corazon Cabo

One of the largest beach clubs in Cabo San Lucas and the largest on Medano Beach offers private cabanas and a restaurant. Photo: Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa

To commemorate Earth Day, on April 21, guests can participate in a hotel beach clean-up along the shores of Medano Beach, the most popular beach in Cabo. Protecting and maintaining the beach helps keep the sparkling blue waters pristine for the amazing sea life that calls the Sea of Cortez home. After the beach healing, visitors can head to Aleta for an Earth Day green menu, centered around organic produce and local ingredients that support small farms in the area. For tequila lovers, Corazón is offering a special Earth Day Tequila Tasting, featuring Tequila Herradura, a premium tequila brand committed to sustainable practices like utilizing solar energy, reducing water usage, and recycling waste. Learn more at

Aleta Corazon Cabo

With spectacular views and the freshest fish in town showcasing sushi and a raw bar, you can’t beat Aleta at Corazón. Photo: Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa

Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa

Turtle hatching season which takes place from June to December is punctuated with sea turtle releases along the coastline around Banderas Bay. The area beaches are the most important in the world for protecting the Green Ridley turtle. The tortuga (turtle) is the spiritual symbol of the Huichol people native to the majestic Sierra Madre Mountain range. These creatures are credited with assisting the rain goddesses and protecting the quality of the springs and replenishing underground water sources. From June to December, guests staying at Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa can share in the local belief and pay respect to Mother Nature in the release of newly hatched turtles at the resort’s beach. In addition to playing a role in the resort’s turtle protection program guests will learn the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and taking care of the environment so that species like these can thrive.

Puerto Vallarta Marriott

Guests staying at Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa are just 30 minutes from the town of Puerto Vallarta. Photo: Marriott Puerto Vallarta

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of this family favorite program and children staying at the resort will be able to name their turtles and gather at sunset to wish them luck and set them free to return to the ocean. In 2005, the Ridley Sea Turtle was in danger of extinction. The Marriott Puerto Vallarta donated a portion of its beach to create a permanent nursery. The resort employs a biologist to oversee the program, patrol during the night, and educate the hotel’s staff and guests about the species. Today, the Ridley is now a vulnerable species with an increased survival rate due to programs like these. The activity is offered every day during turtle season and as Mother Nature permits.

Puerto Vallarta Marriott Sea Turtles

Baby sea turtle ready for a journey to the sea. At Marriott Puerto Vallarta turtle specialists oversee the sendoff. Photo: Marriott Puerto Vallarta

JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa

Cancun is known for its year-round turquoise blue waters and 80-degree temperatures. This year, the JW Marriott Cancun is hosting a meaningful Earth Day activity. Located on the white sand beach steps away from the Hotel Zone, the resort offers ocean views from every room. This year, the resort is inviting guests, visitors, and associates to give back to Mother Nature by participating in a beach cleanup followed by a ceremony at an “Earth Commitment Wall,” where participants can pledge their promise to take care of the planet. cancun-resort-and-spa/overview/

JW Marriott Cancun

JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa makes it easy for you to pledge your commitment to Mother Earth. Photo: JW Marriott Cancun Resort

Guests looking for a once-in-a-lifetime activity may want to see the gentle whale sharks that frequent the waters off Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Isla de Mujeres. During spring and summer, guests can swim and snorkel with Cancun’s population of these gentle giants. While they are considered sharks, they have no teeth and take in nutrients by gathering water that flows out and over their gills leaving behind plankton and small fish to be digested. Massive, they are between 18 and 32 feet long on average, and they swim slowly at just three miles per hour so just floating in the area will give you plenty of opportunity to see them. There are many trips to choose from; research well and choose an ethical and eco-minded outfit for this nature sensitive adventure.

Cancun Whale Sharks

Gentle whale sharks flock offshore near Cancun between spring and summer each year. Photo: JW Marriott Cancun Resort