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The personalities of these islands are defined by the classic elements: earth, wind, water and fire. Volcanic conflagrations shaped these oceanic mountaintops, and still issue forth on the Big Island. Elsewhere, evidence of historic heat is plentiful, from the towering profiles of the peaks themselves to black sand beaches and lunar-like lava fields. Trade winds, sweeping in from the east, are deprived of moisture as they meet the summits, creating both lush rainforests and arid rain shadows.

Rain and sun sustain life, and at one point transformed the island into an agricultural powerhouse. Today, the land’s fecundity is expressed in a revived local-food movement, and farm-to-table cuisines. Separated by more than 1,000 miles of water, Hawaii’s native flora and fauna have gone their own way. Ship and airship have ended this isolation, and created one of the world’s most storied island getaways. Whether honeymoon, golf vacation, family reunion, surf odyssey or just an impromptu escape, Hawaii is often the first choice of venue. 

Moorea French Polynesia
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Stuart Cove Snorkeling Bahamas
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One of the best times of the year to squeeze in a trip is during the fall. November and early December are ideal as the crowds are gone, the rates are ...
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Vieques Playa Negra
They are sexy, silky and mysterious. Some are hidden and hard to find while others are well known and favored by beach lovers. Images of dark, dramatic ...
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Miami Beach Time Out Market
Can't decide where to go for dinner with your group? Some want sushi, others just a burger while one is craving pizza. At these innovative food halls, top ...
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Maui Road Trip
Most every visitor to Maui knows about the Hana Highway, that 65-mile stretch of coastal highway that winds a serpentine path along the island's southwest ...
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