Bonaire Articles

Bonaire Flamingos

A leader in eco-tourism, Bonaire is surrounded by an underwater marine park protected in perpetuity. Today and tomorrow, divers and snorkelers ...

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Little Cayman Beach resort, The Best Caribbean Resorts For Diving and Relaxation
Divers crave clear waters and colorful reefs. But while the most dedicated scuba fanatics may be willing to compromise on above-water amenities to gain ...
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Cayman North Sound
One of the great joys of snorkeling tropical waters is freedom. No complex or heavy dive gear to manage, no worries about running out of air or monitoring ...
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Kayaking the mangroves in Bonaire

You'll see a lot of dive gear coming out of baggage claim at Bonaire's airport, and all along the coastal road, pickups loaded with scuba tanks sit ...

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The Tropics are

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