The Best Breakfast Spots in San Juan’s Condado

Start off the day with a Puerto Rican or American favorite breakfast at these lively cafes in the Condado District


The Condado District is the hot and happening spot in San Juan. The main drag, Avenida Ashford, is lined with trendy boutiques, restaurants and bars and there is no shortage of places to get a fresh breakfast right off a hot griddle. Sure, you could grab a cup of coffee and a croissant on the run from your hotel or indulge in a heavy breakfast buffet and linger toward noon, but you can’t do that every day and it’s always fun to mix it up a bit and try some place new for breakfast. These morning favorites offer more than a pastry with your coffee, are reasonably priced, and are popular with locals and visitors alike.

Suka Supernatural Food

Start off the day in a healthful way at this colorful and friendly corner spot on the main drag, right across from the Marriott. Though new on the block, Suka is already attracting a steady flow of regulars and visitors. Owner Jessica Reingold-Swan aka Jesuka spends time teaching yoga and converting patrons to join in a class after they’ve eaten a hearty breakfast. Yoga sessions are held on the beach in the front of the Marriott or in the restaurant’s back room, where walls are swirls of turquoise and purple with artwork that can be appreciated or purchased and taken home. The restaurant includes a smoothie and juice bar, and serves breakfasts, lunches and dinners that focus on locally sourced and organic produce with a vegan slant to the menu. Try the eggs benedict, cashew apple sandwich or oatmeal for a hearty start to the day. For on the go nutrition order a drink of veggies called Green Aid, with kale, cucumber, green apple and more— and don’t forget a shot of ginger and lemon juice for an added energy boast.

Condado Suka Dining Area

The back room at Suka Supernatural Food is both a dining room and a place for relaxation, with soothing colors and original artwork covering the walls. Photo: Debbie Snow


This eatery bustles from morning till afternoon. The inside tables and bar are always full, sidewalk seating is prime real estate and there is usually a line out the door of patrons waiting for their to- go orders. Pinky’s opened in 2000 when owner Alex Garcia borrowed some cash and followed his dream. Now he has a few mortgages, some ex-wives, family animals and gray hair. But the business thrives in the center of Condado’s action, right across from La Concha Renaissance Resort. Breakfast specialties include breakfast burritos, fruit pancakes and a Puerto Rican favorite, the Mallorca breakfast sandwich, with ham and Swiss sprinkled with powdered sugar. There are also fruit batidas, protein shakes and avocado drinks on ice.

Pinky's Wrap Puerto Rico Breakfast

A lighter start to the morning. The Skinny Biache at Pinky’s is a scramble made with spinach, mozzarella cheese and sliced turkey in a whole-wheat wrap. Photo: Debbie Snow

Ben & Jerry’s

It takes a bit of convincing to think of this spot for anything other than a scoop of ice cream. But head there any morning and the outdoor tables will be filled with patrons eating everything from yogurt, eggs or waffles. The most unexpected finds are the yogurt bowls, deep fish bowl glasses filled with berries and Greek yogurt, then layered with granola. The menu includes egg dishes, French toast, croissant breakfast sandwiches and the house specialty: the Belgium waffle. Light and fluffy, the batter is a family recipe and has been handed down to owner Michelle Campi from her grandmother. They are made to order just as fresh as the homemade whipped cream dollops that ring the waffle. Try an assortment of coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and locally made guava jam. Located at the Ventana al Mar Park with ocean views.

Puerto Rico Ben & Jerrys

The Blissful Belgium Waffle is a favorite at Ben & Jerry’s. Fresh fruit and fresh whipped cream complement the savory creations, which follow a family recipe. Photo: Debbie Snow