3 Refreshing Mojito Recipes

Try these unconventional versions of the Mojito at Mexico’s all-inclusive resorts


The Mojito is the ideal summer cocktail, not too sweet, not too strong, chilled and served over ice in a highball glass with fresh garnishes. In honor of National Mojito Day, we found three options to ring in the summer. Try the recipes at home or head to one of the resorts and let the bartender do his job.

Basil Mojito Occidental at Xcaret Destination

Basil Mojito

Try the refreshing Basil Mojito at one of the 12 bars in the Occidental at Xcaret in Riviera Maya. The resort features a meandering river and beach cove. Photo: Occidental at Xcaret


* 5 fresh basil leaves

* 4 peeled cucumber slices (remove all seeds)

* 2 oz white rum

* 1.5 oz natural syrup

* 1 can of mineral water

* 0.5 oz of lemon juice



In a shaker mash the basil leaves with the cucumber slices. Add the lemon juice into the cucumber basil mixture and shake well. Add a white rum of your choice and natural syrup to the mixture. Shake well! Complete the cocktail with mineral water. Pour the cocktail into a serving glass of your choice and decorate with a slice of cucumber, lemon and basil leaves.


Strawberry-Lime Mojito Occidental Cozumel

Strawberry Lime Mojito

Sip the Strawberry-Lime Mojito at the Occidental Cozumel. With four bars, from beach to lobby, there’s always a mojito around the corner. Photo: Occidental Cozumel


* 2 strawberries

* 3 mint leaves

* 1 lime

* 1 oz white rum

* Crushed ice

* Club soda

* 1 tablespoon sugar


Place sugar, mint and strawberries into a sturdy glass. Use a muddler to crush the ingredients together. In a serving glass filled with ice add rum, club soda and strawberry/mint/sugar mixture. Stir and enjoy!


Watermelon Mojito Allegro Cozumel

Watermelon Mojito

Enjoy the Watermelon Mojito at the All-inclusive Allegro Cozumel. Head to the beach bar, which sits between the pool and sand, for a relaxing afternoon and great views. Photo: Allegro Cozumel


* 5 large fresh mint leaves, coarsely torn by hand

* 1 thick slice of fresh watermelon

* 2 oz light rum, such as Bacardi

* Dash of simple syrup

* 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice (half a lime)

* Piece of watermelon, for serving



Use a muddler to mash the mint leaves in a sturdy cup. Remove all seeds from the watermelon puree. Mix the mashed mint leaves with the puréed watermelon, rum, simple syrup, and lime juice. Stir well and serve over ice. Garnish your glass with watermelon for an added twist.