Hawaii Snapshots: Hana Highway, Maui

Maui's most famous day trip delivers amazing roadside vistas


Maui’s Route 369, aka the Hana Highway, has become a must-do road trip for visitors with access to a rental car. Snaking its way for more than 50 miles along the island’s lush windward shore, this undulating roadway periodically breaks free of rainforest cover often to reveal panoramic views of the Pacific.

The route carries drivers over 59 bridges, many of which are single-lane structures dating back to the early 20th century. Between the curves, stops for oncoming traffic at the bridges, and more stops to admire waterfalls and other scenic attractions, a one-way transit can consume three hours, and most devote an entire day to getting there and back.

The town of Hana offers a limited range of activities and amenities, but the real point of this road trip isn’t being there, it’s getting there.