Caribbean Snapshots: Playa Jeremi, Curacao

One of the Caribbean’s favorite hidden beaches


When islanders in the know want to get away from it all, they head to Curacao’s west end and the village of Lagun. On the far edge of town, an unobtrusive sand road leads to the parking area above a small cove filled with dazzlingly clear Caribbean water. Stone steps lead down the cliff face to Playa Jeremi, where a pair of small thatch huts is the only facilities.

Rather than sand, the beach is made up of tiny lava stones, which tickle the feet. The rocky area at the western end of the beach is a favorite with snorkelers, who can swim with colorful tropical fish and explore the underwater nooks and crannies inhabited by lobsters and eels. On weekdays, visitors may have the beach all to themselves, but a few locals usually show in late afternoon to take in the magnificent sunsets.

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