Belize Articles

When you think of the Caribbean, you're probably imagining clear waters and a white-sand beach, not a dark and mysterious cave. Unless, of course, you had ...
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Eat & Drink
Belize Hurricanes
With the largest reef in the Caribbean literally within sight, it's not surprising that Hurricane's Ceviche Bar & Grill serves up a mouth-watering ...
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Belize Snorkeling
Coral reefs make the best snorkel sites, and the small nation of Belize has corals aplenty. Just off the country's Caribbean coast lies one of the world ...
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Dominican Republic, Cabarete Kiteboarding
Picture the Caribbean and what typically comes to mind is lounging on white beaches, pina colada in hand. And while this is certainly the place for ...
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Belize, Lamanai
The country of Belize was once part of the great Mayan homeland. Green jungles hide stonework and relics of once grand cities. More than 100 known Mayan ...
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Belize Black Rock Lodge
Sun and sand draw vacationers to the shores of Belize, but an ever-growing number of travelers are also looking inland. Here, verdant rainforests are cut ...
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